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Friday, June 26, 2009

I hereby pronouce,

Kee Yang How & Lim Jie Yi de " The heartbeat, the breathing, the story of me and her shall end on the date of 27 June 2009 ". And friendship shall end here too.

Ur gone, im gone.

sang my troubles away @ 12:44 PM

i wondering, wad u say inside ur blog is for me or for HIM. But if u really wish to avoid me, den be it bah. Maybe tat the end of us le? Anyway, good luck in ur studies, stay happy and lastly, wish u good luck in finding ur Mr Right bah. Thx girl, for everything....

to my people! Yang How will be consider as MIA from all of your soon le. LOL, anyway anything jus phone me or sms me. I wish to be a lonely guy from today onwards. haha...stay cheerful guys =D

sang my troubles away @ 10:26 AM

Thursday, June 25, 2009

hi guys, bac to blog again. Well, i know my blog is in a deep SHIT !. Tot of fixing it de, but lazy lah. Anyway, i FINALLY leave tat god DAM place (yoshinoya) =X. Its finally a relieve.

Dis few days been thinking about the past which happen mayb a yr ago, or mayb 2 yrs ago. I dont know whether i shud say it or post it here. But nvm, since she also wont see it neither to her friends bah.

Seriously, i still cant forget the past of me and her. And the person is Phanie. I dont know why, whenever i close my eyes. The past of me and her, the happiness, the sorrows will suddenly flash thru my mind. I really dont know why we broke up without any valid reason. Is it because of 3rd party? I really dont know, i jus wish to know the reason. But why does she keep avoiding me? Is it because tat's the end? Cant we really be friends? Weeks has pass, months has pass and years have pass. Im still thinking, how are u? Why u left me? Im really sorry dat i really neglected u in the past just because im too obessed with my work le. The day u left me, it was such a terrible day for me. I sat beside the sea, asking myself, why must i start dis relationship at 1st and brought back was such a bad incident for me? Countless ppl was encouraging me, asking me to go on in life and forget abt u. But i really cant forget, is because my mind still has u. Was it retribution? Day by day, i can look thru our past. I still rmb the 1st day i sent u home, and we sat by the bench talkin to each other for hrs. U hold my hands and say " yanghow, i love you" Everyday after school, we would find a place and sit down and talk together, laughing together, joking together, teasing together. But after we break off, i went back to the place, hoping to see u dere too. But wad i gt bac, was nth, but jus seeing the past thru my eyes. How i wish, mayb we could sit down again, chatting with each other, or mayb walking down the streets and saw each other. Sometimes, i walk pass Kiddy Palace, looking at the POOH bear dat i gifted u. How i wish, u were dere seeing it too. Guess dat all i have to say bah. Guess you will also nvr see dis post bah....

Lastly to Phanie aka jieyi.
Girl, i've always been thinking about you for mths le. I dont know why i still cant forget about u, is it because of the past dat we both really wrote it out? Anyway, i jus wish to say i still love you.

sang my troubles away @ 10:56 AM

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

yoyo ! bac here again. hmm, actually nth much to say la. jus wanna pour out my feelings out here. Im so stressed nowadays. Work with no sales, work with no crew, work with bosses tat always stressed us. I wondering, why bosses dont understand wad situation im in now? Working a STUPID CHINA GUY, which knows nth, but only PROCEDURE? Why post him here and work with me? Why must transfer Othman out? Why my Area-In-Charge also change? and change to a philipino? Why nt Ger anymore? hais, its forever like dis. Seriously, i really dont have the mood to work. I jus dont know why. I feel like finding a job, but hard to find. Dis few days, been working so busy!. Den went to work at airport. Go pack fruits from container den dispatch to wholesale places. Hmm, pay quite good. $100 and above. But will tio backache or muscle cramp loh. Hais, when can i get bac my normal life huh? so siannnnn

sang my troubles away @ 8:33 AM

Sunday, March 15, 2009

so many mths since i last blog le. So now come blog a little bah.

hmm, dis few mths really too busy to blog le. Been having irregular timing of slp, due to work. Well, nvm used to it le. Time pass so fast le, its been 2 years. OLD LIAO OLD LIAO. Hmm, entering army in a few mths time le. Hope get those " sin nang sin nang " de squad lah. Time pass quickly le, its been so long tat i last seen my ex school mate liao. Well, anyway. Will try to make dis blog more lively bah. WILL TRY! Hais, dis few mths hor. IM BUSY WORKING, OFF DAY STAY AT HOME, OR GO OUT. Always doing all dis de, make me also SIAN. Seriously, SINGAPORE GT NO PLACE TO WALK LIAO. Hmm, guess blog till here bah. Lastly, i no longer wants anything, no longer wants to think. I just want bac 2 yrs ago de me, where i can read ppl mind easily, but guess it will never come bac le. So now, my mind is a blank. I have no goals in life, no admirer in life, and no ppl i like. LOLS, day by day. u will never understand.

sang my troubles away @ 12:42 PM

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

ok, im bac to blog again. Will be blogging more dis time. Forget the past, pick up ur future tt u gonna draw it out now. Looking forward to everyday, every minute. ^^

sang my troubles away @ 5:37 AM

Sunday, January 4, 2009

nahs, bac to blog again. Hmm, went to have a haircut ler, so short! && i highlight my hair, look kinda sucky now? copper and black? OMG! Anyway CNY coming~ CNY eve work full shift =.="! Den CNY 1st day off ^^, CNY 2nd day work Causeway MID SHIFT =.="! Like dis cant go my grandpa hse celebrate ler =(. Den follow by rest of the days, work work work! I want go DIAN mama hse to celebrate CNY~ hoho~~~k stop here, nid go work ler, bye~

sang my troubles away @ 7:40 PM